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Prek families and day care vans will load at door 2 the staff will bring them to you drivers please do not leave your car in the afternoon morning dropoff prek will use door 3 and will be greeted by one of the prek staff the entrance to door 3 is accessible by the drive that connects with joe wilson at the rear of the building.

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morning drop off morning drop off please pull up to the designated area and your child will load safely daycare personnel must checkin at the gym prior to picking up their children older siblings should go to the location of the younger sibling to be picked up together.

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morning drop procedures drop off can take place any time before the start of school all students dropped off prior to the star of school at 715 am will be dropped of at the rear of the school near the cafeteria entrance.

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morning drop off morning drop off policy drop offpick up map lucile erwin middle school drop offpick up map if you are having trouble viewing the document you may download the document wearethompson lucile.

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Moms share tips for smoother daycare dropoffs to make the morning routine easier for parents daycare dropoff can be challenging for children and parents moms share tips for smoother daycare dropoffs to make the morning routine easier for parents daycare dropoff tips for the morning child care routine by lindsay september 9.

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morning drop off map morning drop off map posted on 08202018 students are no longer to be dropped off at any location in front of the school in the mornings please follow the map provided if you have any questions please.

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What to do when your child cries at school drop off development morning drop offs can feel overwhelming both for parents and kids but we can take steps to ease the transition he would go into total overload if there were more than that in the room i always started our day early the teachers were also fresh and in a good.

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