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at the moment theyre each only getting seven million dollars ana said the grandkids will get three million each and were leaving our lawyer with a kitty of twenty million in case they have more children out with our life time she explained both she and christian adamant not to mollycoddle their kids.

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Find a kate bush moments of pleasure first pressing or reissue complete your kate bush collection shop vinyl and cds.

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Shed forgotten for a moment about the letter about how shed poured her hopes and dreams her love and desire into its pages she cant work out paiges tone whether its mocking or forgiving she holds her breath.

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Span classnews_dtmay 31 2012spannbsp018332moments of pleasure the best works 1978 1993 japanese promotional cd set even though this post has now been updated with all new scans i have kept a couple of the photos that i originally posted here so that people could see how everything looks in the cd case.

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moments of pleasure is the fourth track and second single from kate bushs the red shoes perhaps her second most iconic piano ballad it conveys bush remembering various people who have.

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Cat 7243 8 81085 2 2 appears on inlay amp disc 7243 8810852 2 on sticker durations not printed on the release track 2 december will be magic again is a different mix compared to the original 1980 version and the alternate.

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