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breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast a change in breast shape dimpling of the skin fluid coming from the nipple a newly inverted nipple or a red or scaly patch of skin in those with distant spread of the disease there may be bone pain swollen lymph nodes.

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Moderate drinking can be healthybut not for everyone learn more about weighing the benefits and the risks.

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Some audience members may have been surprised to learn that lyric opera of kansas city is taking part in the celebration of the bernstein centennial with a production of west side story a show that one might expect to find on one of kansas citys other stagesthey might well ask is this really an opera.

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amy yip born 10 june 1965 in hong kong is an actress who was one of the leading sex symbols of hong kong cinema in the late 1980s and early 1990s she was known for her slender figure and her disproportionately large breastsshe has family roots in taishan guangdong citation neededshe finished kindergarten from lai chack tam shiu.

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Managing side effects palliative care and supportive care managing side effects and supportive care are important parts of breast cancer treatment palliative care aims to prevent or relieve side effects such as pain or nausea supportive care includes palliative care as well as care of your emotional social spiritual and practical needs.

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abortion risks significant risk factors like breast cancer have been associated with abortion gt.

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breast cancer is common and its onset and development are still being examined lymph nodes are said to be related to breast cancer and its ability to spread this mnt knowledge center article.

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Learn about changes that occur in a womans breasts during her lifetime and explains breast cancer and other breast conditions also find breast cancer statistics.

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New research investigates whether following a lowfat diet after being diagnosed with breast cancer improves the patients outcome.

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