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A cue stick or simply cue more specifically pool cue snooker cue or billiards cue is an item of sporting equipment essential to the games of pool snooker and carom billiards it is used to strike a ball usually the cue ball.

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Metal rings are a good indicator of a cue makers skill since the cue maker has to use just the right type of finish and technique to make the finish stick to the metal and wood at the same time so when you inspect this area carefully you can see if the maker understands the material or not by how well the finish is done pool table on fire.

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pool is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails into which balls are deposited each specific pool game has its own name some of the betterknown include eightball eightball pool and its variant blackball nineball tenball sevenball straight pool onepocket and bank pool.

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The history and the different rules of the billiards and the number of the different kinds of the billiards that are played by the most of the people all around the whole world how many different kinds of billiard games are there when we look at how to play the billiard we can see that the power of the stick and the angles are very.

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pool cue sticks browse our complete selection we have hundreds of pool cues billiard cues and snooker cues for players of all levels most of our cues come with a free bonus item there are a few exceptions predator lucas poison and balabushka all prohibit us from giving away a bonus item.

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Pro pool ten billiards tips your opponents dont know what they dont know could help you share flipboard email print the arm is linked to the cue stick and not the floor billiards illustration c matt sherman licensed to aboutcom inc chin above the cue stick is another pool myth dont strain your neck to post your chin.

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Physics of billiards ball collision thus the nature of the slipping will change depending on which of the regions a 1 a 2 a 3 the cue stick strikes the ball this type of friction always opposes the direction of motion so for example if a crate is sliding on the floor in.

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Glossary of billiard terms from the billiard congress of america official rules and records book used to strike the cue ball to execute carom or pocket billiard shots also called cue stick cue ball general the white unnumbered ball that is always struck by the cue during play type of pockets with no automatic return of the.