After finished my work

After finished my work 1

Span classnews_dtmar 18 2011spannbsp018332hi everyone i wonder if this sentence is right i will work in this environment after i finished my studies the person is still studying.

After finished my work 2

Span classnews_dtsep 07 2011spannbsp018332the work doesnt do the finishing so neither sentence is correct you can say after the work is finished or after you finish the work making work the.

After finished my work 3

Can i say after i finished my job i will go the job is not finished at the time of speaking can i use the past tense like this talking about future.

After finished my work 4

Sometimes after i finish all my tasks my boss has no tasks to give me what to do after i finish all my tasks and my manager has no tasks to give me duplicate my authority is undermined by my boss and coworker behavior and the quality of my work.

After finished my work 5

on friday i had finished the work means that for some reason i am talking about the state of things on friday and that that state included the fact that i had finished the work it does not strictly imply that i finished it on friday just that by some time on friday it was finished.

After finished my work 6

finished with work now what file also i am going to rack my brain to come up with some more activities for grades 35 so if you comment with activities i can put together a second version also remember that this doesnt have to be all the time.

After finished my work 7

From an english test on facebook when you have finished to move the furniture let me know or when you will finish moving the furniture let me know i think the correct one is the former.

After finished my work 8

The meaning of having done my homework i will go home the cited construction is common though a little formal in the past tense having done my work i went home but much less likely in relation to future events where most people would say after i have done a having donehaving finished is an example of a perfect participle.

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After finished my work 10